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A Biblical repudiation of so-called ‘Replacement Theology’ [View] [Print]

A Tribute to William Tyndale [View] [Print]

Aftershock [View] [Print]

Are Enoch & Elijah in Heaven? [View] [Print]

Beliefs and Doctrines of the New Testament Church [View] [Print]

By Grace You Have Been Saved—Now What? [View] [Print]

Christ’ s Last Passover–Leavened or Unleavened? [View] [Print]

Christmas: Greatest Story Never Told [View] [Print]

Count to Pentecost–From the Morrow After Which Sabbath [View] [Print]

Does the Bible Really Say That? [View] [Print]

How True Science Slaughters Darwin’s Sacred Cow—Evolution (MacLeod) [View] [Print]

Fourteen Rules for Bible Study [View] [Print]

Fourteen Things in Prophecy to Watch For [View]

Geology, Catastrophism and the Scriptures (Torrence & Neal)

God, or No God? [View] [Print]

Good Sense

How Credible is the Bible? [View] [Print]

How Did Jesus Christ Fulfill the Law and the Prophets? [View] [Print]

How Long Was Jesus in the Tomb? [View] [Print]

How to Keep the Sabbath Day [View] [Print]

Is God a Trinity? [View] [Print]

Is the Ministry God’ s Government? [View] [Print]

Judge Righteous Judgment [View] [Print]

Keys to Answered Prayer [View] [Print]

Lazarus and the Rich Man [View] [Print]

New Testament Scripture Comparisons [View]

Night To Be Much Observed [View] [Print]

Prophecies of Jesus Christ in the Old Testament [View] [Print]

Purpose for Fellowship Groups and Congregations [View] [Print]

Sabbath-Sunday Controversy—Rome’ s Challenge to the Protestants [View] [Print]

Should Christians Celebrate Easter? [View] [Print]

The Christian Covenant of Water Baptism [View] [Print]

The Christian Passover Ceremony [View] [Print]

The Collapse of Anglican Christianity [View] [Print]

The Day Jesus the Christ Was Born [View] [Print]

The Eucharist—Sacrifice of the Mass [View] [Print]

The Grace of God in the Bible [View] [Print]

The Holy Spirit - The Power of God [View]

The Obedience of a Christian Man [View]

The Secret of the Lord [View] [Print]

The Sermon on the Mount [View] [Print]

The True Meaning of Acts 2:1  [View] [Print]

The True Meaning of Christian Baptism [View] [Print]

This is Spiritual Warfare [View] [Print]

Understanding God’ s Command For the Wave Sheaf [View] [Print]

Understanding Paul’s Difficult Scriptures [View] [Print]

What Do You Mean-Born Again and Born of God? [View] [Print]

What Does the Bible Teach about Satan the Devil? [View] [Print]

What Happens to the Dead? [View] [Print]

What is Meant by Works of Law? [View]

What on Earth is Happening In the World? [View] [Print]

What the Bible Teaches About Clean & Unclean Meats [View] [Print]

Which Day is the True Christian Sabbath [View] [Print]

Which Is the True Calendar of God? [View] [Print]

Who Are the 144,000? [View] [Print]

Why Is Christianity Failing in America? [View] [Print]

You are Complete in Jesus Christ [View] [Print]